Corporate Training

Upskill and optimise your current talents.


Let us help you discover growth opportunities through our customised programs

We offer bespoke training courses adapted to your company’s needs.

At Queen Academy, we will sit down with you to do a Training Needs Analysis to understand your company better and curate the right course for your needs. At the end of the training session(s), we will also do a post follow up session to ensure smooth implementation of your learning goals.

We can cater to any group size or location.

Benefits of Corporate Training:

  • Improved skills and performance

  • Increased knowledge and understanding

  • An edge on the competition

  • Awareness of industry changes

Queen Academy provides corporate training across a focused range of practice areas including:

UX Design & Strategy

Personas & Segmentation

Data-driven UX & Marketing

Budgets & Benchmarks

Ad Strategy & Effectiveness

Content Marketing

Customer Journey Mapping & Analytics

Building MarTech Stacks

Attribution & End2End Measurement

Multi-channel Marketing

Social Media

E-commerce Fast-track



Digital Transformation




Marketing Automation

Marketing By Design: How to develop user-friendly marketing using design theories

Personal Branding for Business Development

LinkedIn Social Selling for Professional Services

Social Media Marketing for Professional Services

Build Empathy with Your Customer

What Do You Stand For? Branding and Communications

Shaping The Sale

Going Digital in Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Mobile Advertising and Digital Marketing

Programmatic (buying/selling) and Ad Serving Entire Eco-system

Community/Social Networking Marketing

Mobile Content/Application Marketing

Mobile Billing Relations

Mobile Advertising Campaign(s) Management and Strategy

Mobile White Label Ad Service Solutions

Business Development and Expansion of Services into New Territories (Global)

Branding and Storytelling



Improve and expand your team’s expertise

Get in touch with us and let us tailor immersive upskilling programmes that will benefit your team.