The Space

A one-stop platform that connects you with a wide network of mentors and startups alike. Find out more about our space options below.

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We offer spaces for rental:

Training, lecture or workshop rooms
(20-30 pax)

Seminar rooms
(60 pax)

Auditorium (258 pax)


If you are an entrepreneur or a company that needs an office space, we also offer:


access to queen consulting group’s services

free business advisory

Connect and speak with our partners at QCG depending on availability of staff (Terms and condition applies)

special rates for space

If you or your company require space, we offer spaces at reasonable rates!


About the space

Platform E is a comprehensive ecosystem that provides all the essential support for start-up success with a focus on nurturing both the aspiring entrepreneurs and their ideas. Platform E integrates under one roof the training and equipping of entrepreneurs, incubating of business ideas and the acceleration of go-to-market start-ups, supported by a robust ecosystem of co-working space with professional corporate services and a wide network of coaches, mentors, peers and investors. In short, Platform E offers a one-stop platform that enables the entrepreneur to start with an idea and graduate with a business.



Venue space solutions

Get in touch with us and let us support you with a venue space that is most suitable for your next event or for your team to work in